My Growth Content Around The Web (Part I)

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Today I'm doing a recap of all the major pieces I've written and produced about growth around the web, in these past few months.

I've built and developed 2 growth tools from scratch and I've written 2 growth pieces, along with 2 exclusive e-books.

Now, there are more than +7,500 counted words written about growth in these pieces and over +110k people have seen them so far.

So let's get down to business:

This first tool is an interactive database of the Top 100 Shopify Stores with 23+ e-commerce data points available for every single store.

You can find out right away:

  • The best-selling products of each store and their price.
  • Every single one of their Facebook ads (which compose the top 0.1% of ads) - they're are available through the official Facebook Ad Library.
  • All their SEO data (backlinks, site speed, etc..)

And much, much more, all for free - it's in fact, the largest tool of this sort available online for free and without any login access (I say screw that).

This tool has huge value for everyone obsessed about online growth because now you have this massive benchmarking possibility, where you can compare your own e-commerce store to all these +23 tangible data points.

And even if you don't own an e-commerce store, you can still find massive value on comparing your own online ads to these ones made by the top 100 Shopify stores - just examine their structure & their creatives and use them later as a starting point, because they've proven to be in the top 0.1% of online ads.

I originally made this for all my e-commerce followers and it has been a hit.

P.S: These are all the top 100 Shopify stores that are still hosted by Shopify - some bigger Shopify stores are not represented in the list because they only use Shopify as a back-end software, and so they were not included in the Shopify's IP range (which is where I started scraping the top 100 stores).

This is my first tool and one which has seen a lot of success - it shows the ~2800+ paid targeting options currently available on Social Media platforms.

And why is it so useful you might ask?

Because now you don't have to register in 5 different walled-garden platforms only to see if they have relevant paid targeting options for your business.

It's 100% free and it even got to the front-page of Hacker News back in October (Source - Just search for "louisv").

Go check it now, because I'm sure you'll find some ultra-relevant targeting option of interest for your business.

"I scraped the top 100 e-commerce stores using Shopify. Here are my boring findings."

Posted on /r/Entrepreneur and got +1.4k upvotes - click on the title above to visit the article.

I used Reddit to launch to the public, but instead of making a boring presentation post, I went straight to my target audience with graphs and data.

In my post, I showed the 3 insights I've realized while scraping all the data for my top 100 Shopify stores tool:

  1. "Clothing is king, and the whole Fashion niche rules over everything."
  2. "You don't need to have Walmart prices to sell like Walmart."
  3. "Mobile Site Speed isn't a concern when you get a lot of traffic."

Every single one of these insights is backed with hard data and tangible information, so go check it out if you want to learn how the e-commerce world actually works (spoiler alert - the basic rules don't apply to you when you're in the 0.001% of stores).

"Easy way of validating your idea (takes 2.5 minutes)"

Posted on Indie Hackers and got +102 upvotes - click on the title above to visit the article.

This is more of a pre-growth actionable article - how do you actually validate an idea you believe in when you still haven't had the ultimate proof? (real money from clients on your account).

My method takes only 2.5 minutes to set in place and can save you years of wasted time, working on something that (unfortunately) no one wants to pay money for.

It involves "hacking" Google search results to find relevant profiles on Linkedin for your market's niche and their respective Gmail accounts - today I get around ~200 relevant emails in 2 minutes, and my article shows how you can start doing this in the simplest way possible.

And of course, after finding your laser-targeted Linkedin profiles and email addresses, you can start validating your idea by asking the really tough questions to the right people.

I've built businesses this way, and now you can too.

“75-1” - Video Targeting Strategy.

This is a special growth e-book I wrote exclusively for - it's where I'll show you my most profitable paid growth tactic for 2020.

It works only on Facebook (& Instagram) and I'm applying it to all my clients in 2020 - yes, it is this effective.

In it's simplest form, it works in 3 parts:

  1. Produce conversion-optimized video ads for Facebook - think of infomercials, but much classy(er).
  2. Display them to large relevant audiences.
  3. Retarget everyone who saw more than >75% of our ad.

Video ads are currently the best-performing format on the paid growth world, to the point I'm considering saying goodbye to static creatives - they just feel boring now that I get to launch and edit videos with my clients.

And even though this strategy is relatively well-understood - in this e-book I'll show you the most advanced settings you need to tweak, step-by-step, in order to guarantee maximum conversions (and more views, but who cares about those?) with the lowest ad-spend possible.

Facebook has many default settings that seem to be there only for marketers and founders to waste their advertising budgets without return, so I'll also show you how to avoid those money pits.

Now, over +700 e-commerce owners have read this growth e-book, so you can read it by yourself here: Download link ⬅️.

Top 5 most profitable targeting options of 2020

This is another special growth e-book I wrote exclusively for - it's where I'll show you my top 5 targeting options for 2020.

I curated them one-by-one, taking into account my personal growth experiments and client's performance.

They're spread out amongst rather overlooked platforms such as Linkedin, Quora, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and more.

Most of the digital ad-spend in 2020 will go to either Facebook or Google and that's a big advantage for you to be an early mover to these unexplored advertising platforms.

All of these 5 targeting options are testing-worthy, meaning they deserve a small percentage of your monthly budget to see if they perform well for your business - I'm particularly enthusiastic about the Linkedin targeting option I've written about in the e-book (it involves a simple laser-targeted lead generation tactic that almost no one is using right now).

You can download this e-book right at the bottom of my page if you just scroll down or you can get it here on this link ⬅️.

Now, get the top 5 targeting options of 2020.