Hey, I'm Louis.

My Goal

To empower founders and marketers with the best paid growth strategies to help their companies scale faster.

My Story

I was born in Europe, son to 2 successful local entrepreneurs.

And this must be genetic, because ever since I remember being myself, I was always involved in some kind of business. My first big break-through happened when I became the first kid to sell cola-flavored gum on my primary school recess.

My business grew so much that school janitors had to intervene and break apart my monopoly – but it didn’t matter to me, because my dream was set.

I wanted and still want to make businesses grow and flourish, be it software, e-commerce companies, or just flavored gum entrepreneurs.

And I have never stopped ever since.

My parents once said to me that our achievements should speak for ourselves.

With that in mind, here are my proud achievements (gum monopolies aside):

In 2016, I launched an on-line TV channel about my country and in less than 6 months it reached more than 900,000 views all across its content.

For a while, we even were the top post of all time on /r/Portugal subreddit, and one of our publications ended up being recognized as “Best culture post of 2016” on the same subreddit. Proof. (Number #5)

In 2017, I got awarded first place at an influential national business competition.

I developed a fully functional Facebook Messenger chatbot for the travel insurance niche of Fidelidade – a 400$ million dollar insurance company. Here’s me receiving the award.

In 2018, my Google spec advertisement got recognized as “best in class” and I was later invited to visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

You can see the full video below. (I’m really proud of this one)

In 2019, I founded a company called SocialPager.co, where I build custom Facebook Messenger chatbots for e-commerce companies and subsequently acquire them subscribers.

Our current average cost-per-lead is 0.40$, and we have helped over 10 high-potential companies through technology and paid ad management.

Point here is, I really excel working on growth, and paid methods are my specialty.

I’m looking forward to work with you, or at least to help you through my paid growth content.